Bing Xu

I am currently a Senior Research Engineer at Koolab, ZJU-Kujiale Joint Lab of CG&AI, under supervison of Dr.Rui Tang and Prof. Rui Wang, where I mainly work on photo-realisitc rendering.

At Koolab I've worked on our self-developed FF Render Enginer, denoising and sampling for Monte Carlo renderings and other graphics related topics.

I obtained my bachelor degree at the University of Hong Kong (Major in CS) in 2016.

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I am mainly interested in physically-based rendering and learning-based approaches for sampling, reconstruction, modelling and editing appearance for computer graphics and inverse problems. Painting is my thing and rendering enables me to paint images with parametrization. My interests span from computational photography to realistic image synthesis. I am also open to broader field of graphics including animation, simulation and interactive design tools. Some of the projects also involve computer vision.

Why do we perceive the objects the way we do? How can artists draw things the way the objects look like? How can we model the appearance and descript some type of materials using programming language? How can we produce the images using parameterization, both accurately and efficiently? How can we help artists or designers easily build what they want? These are the problems I want to explore and hopefully solve.

Adversarial Monte Carlo Denoising with Conditioned Auxiliary Feature Modulation
Bing Xu, Junfei Zhang, Rui Wang, Kun Xu, Yong-liang Yang, Chuan Li, Rui Tang
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), 38(6), ACM SIGGRAPH Asia, 2019


Senior Research Engineer,    2018.07 - Now

Research Engineer,    2017.06 - 2018.07

Working on developing and optimising the industry-leading FF Render Engine. FF Render Engine is based on Monte Carlo path tracing and learning-based denoising.

Also working on adaptive sampling, performance optimization, lighting, ambient occlusion, tone mapping and omnidirectional stereo camera.

FF achieved industrial competitive realism with low computation cost. (800*600 resolutions within 9s). The renderer can be used directly at Kujiale or its international version Coohom. Collaborating with another teammate Qing Ye.

Cainiao Network, Alibaba Group

Software Development Engineer ,    2016.08-2017.06  

Logistics package delivery prediction system version 1.0 2.0 development. Trims the rate at which its vehicles travel empty and reduces the driving distance via intelligent route planning. Involving Java, Spring web application framework and other middlewares.

Stream computing optimisation. Using Apache Beam to optimise logistic package stream computing framework to make it more extensible and adaptable.


SDE Intern,    2016.01-2016.05

Male/Female face grading and matching platform for TrueLove dating website


I enjoy programming which makes you the god of your own world designing all the heros and storylines. Apart from computer graphics as my most interested research field, I have explored many other CS branches and developed other skill sets. I used to work as a Java programmer developing web applications in Alibaba. I have also developed my simple Android RPG, a little interpreter based on functional programming, wechat application etc..

Knowledge-Based Question Answering System

HKU CS Undergraduate Final Year Project, 2016 with Zhiyu Ma 
Supervised by Prof. Ben Kao

Implemented a demonstrable knowledge-based question answering system including optimisation of knowledge storage, information retrieval, machine learning word patterning.
Based on Stanford SEMPRE. Two contributions on both recognisable features and replacing the original log linear model with linear SVM to improve the recall rate and accuracy

Chinese Chess AI

Designed and implemented a Chinese chess game playing between computer and user which involves pruning strategies and handcrafted heuristics.

A Interpreter by Haskell

A simple interpreter for self-defined programming language implemented by Haskell.The rough idea is that concrete syntax in a specific environment will be parsed into abstract syntax(such as an abstract syntax tree),and then be evaluated to the final value.

Lost Heros: Android RPG 英雄坛说

I collaborated with a friend to develop an Android RPG using Unity. We developed all from scratch including drawing all the pixel images :) Here is a blog I wrote to remember the funny experience. This game is in honor of an old game on the old-style electronic dictionary(wenquxing) I played when I was a child.

A SQL-based graphical programming interface

Automated SQL generation from model patch dragging and joining, and synchronise to distributed computing platform automatically.

Translation of Ray Tracing Gems by Nvidia

Participate in translation of Ray Tracing Gems by Nvidia (EN => CN).

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