Bing Xu 徐 冰

I am currently a second-year PhD student at Center for Visual Computing of UC San Diego, advised by professor Ravi Ramamoorthi. Here my focus and interest are mostly on rendering related problems. Previously, I obtained my bachelor degree at the University of Hong Kong (Major in CS).

Before PhD, I was a senior research engineer at Koolab, ZJU-Kujiale Joint Lab of CG&AI, under supervison of Dr.Rui Tang and Prof. Rui Wang, where I mainly work on our self-developed FF Render Engine, denoising and sampling for Monte Carlo renderings and other graphics related topics. I also spent time at Alibaba and Sensetime working on non-graphic problems.

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I am mainly interested in physically-based rendering and learning-based approaches for sampling, reconstruction, modelling and editing appearance for computer graphics and inverse problems. Painting is my thing and rendering enables me to paint images with parametrization. I am also open to broader field of graphics including animation, simulation and interactive design tools. Some of the projects also involve computer vision.

Why do we perceive the objects the way we do? How can artists draw things the way the objects look like? How can we model the appearance and descript some type of materials using programming language? How can we produce the images using parameterization, both accurately and efficiently? How can we help artists or designers easily build what they want? These are the problems I want to explore and contribute to.

Adversarial Monte Carlo Denoising with Conditioned Auxiliary Feature Modulation
Bing Xu, Junfei Zhang, Rui Wang, Kun Xu, Yong-liang Yang, Chuan Li, Rui Tang
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), 38(6), ACM SIGGRAPH Asia, 2019


I enjoy programming which makes you the god of your own world, designing all the heros and storylines. Apart from computer graphics as my most interested research field, I have explored many other CS branches and developed other skill sets.

I enjoy sports much. Skateboarding, snowboarding.. And waiting to learn how to surf at the SD beach, hopefully after the pandemic.


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